Club Championships

Registration for the 3 main summer championship competitions (Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles) is now open.

The new format for the main championship events are as follows:

Singles Ladies/Men (2 categories)
A – Club Championship. B – Plate Championship

Doubles Ladies/Men (2 categories)
A -Club Championship B – Plate Championship

Mixed Doubles (2 categories)
A – Club Championship B – Plate Championship

Registration Closes Aug 17th at midnight.

Matches Start Aug 27th
Matches End Sept 15th
Finals Sept 16th & 17th

Proposed Playing Times
Mon – Fri (7pm – 10pm)
Sat – Sun (9am- 5pm)

Please make sure you are available for these dates before entry.

The scheduling of matches will be carried out by the Captains, however we will try to facilitate, but please be aware that the timescale will be tight and therefore matches will have to be played as scheduled

You may enter all 3 competitions
You may enter only 1 category in each competition.
Category A (Club Championship) is open to all members.
Category B (Plate Championship) should be entered directly as there is no 1st round knock-out into this Plate from Category A.
All entrants must have reached 14 years of age by 1st Jan 2016.
Cost is €5 per entry.
You may not enter doubles competitions with the same partner you have entered combined 90s with.

Doubles Entries Note. Doubles Entries should only be made by one person from a doubles team naming both players and one payment of €10. Players can recoup the €5 Euro from their partner.

To Register
Go to the website
Log in with the e-mail address and password used to register your membership on-line
On the Welcome screen, click “Enter” below the tennis club logo/title
Click “Register” beside “2016 Summer Championships (Sept)

When registering there will be an A OR B option. A being the main Championship Draw and B the Plate Draw. All members have a right to enter the main draw A Club Championship and their entry will be accepted. However B Draw entries will be monitored, and the captains will give guidance as to a suitable category for a players entries if necessary.