Court Booking

All players must adhere to these Court Booking Rules out of respect for all Tennis Club Members.

1. Booking of Courts
Courts can only be booked by the Committee. The court calendar on the club website will show date, number of courts and times of the booking. Examples of bookings are as follows:

  • League Fixtures
  • Club Competitions
  • Social Tournaments
  • Coaching
  • Ladies Wednesday morning tournament

2. Priority on Courts
The Committee can, with advance notice to members via email, apply priority to court usage. This will only be done in special circumstances such as at the latter stages of club competitions where there is pressure to complete matches. In practice, if the Committee has advised that a competition has priority then participants in that competition go to the top of the queue of those waiting on courts. Players already on court are not impacted; they can still complete their matches in the normal fashion as priority only applies to those waiting.


3. Court Access and the Tennis Book
(a) Intending players must make an entry in the Tennis Book, located at the PSLC reception, before going on court.
(b) All participants who intend using the court must be present at reception before an entry in the book is made.
(c) Details to be entered in the book are:
Name of each participant, initial and surname are minimum requirements.
The number of the court to be used
The nature of the match as follows:
F = friendly
RR = round robin
CC = club championship
SHIELD = Portmarnock Shield
LADD = Ladder Challenge
The starting time

(d) Players who are on a court and have not made an entry in the Tennis Book have no playing rights and can be asked to vacate the court if others are waiting.

(e) If there are no free courts the entry goes to the bottom of the queue when the last participant arrives at reception. Only the names of the participants and the word waiting should be written in the book. A court number should not be entered as this may not be the first court to come free.

(f) Participants who are waiting must always take the next available court.

(g) Participants who are waiting must remain on the PSLC premises, must be aware when the next available court is freed up and must be ready to take it.

(h) The duration of a match is 1 hour unless:
    (i) there are no participants waiting on a court or
    (ii) it is a competitive match which the Committee has deemed as being exempt from the 1 hour rule, such as League / Championship / Shield, etc.

(i) The entry in the Tennis Book must match with the participants actually playing on court. Therefore, participants cannot join a game in progress without making a new entry in the Tennis Book. For example, if 2 players are on court signed in to play singles and 2 other participants subsequently arrive and all 4 decide to play doubles, and there are other waiting entries in the Tennis Book, the 2 players on court must vacate and make a waiting entry in the Tennis Book for all 4 participants, after the last entry for other members signed into the book as waiting.

(j) Participants entitled to play next should only approach the back of the court when the previous groups playing time is up.

(k) If a player is using a court for solo practice after 7.00 pm during weekdays, it is requested as a matter of courtesy that the player vacates the court if other members are waiting to play. This is to maximize court availability during peak court usage periods.

4. Court Charges
(a) For Tennis club members there is no charge for using the courts except for the use of the floodlights, which is payable at the PSLC reception (currently €4.00 per hour).
(b) PSLC member only rate – €12 per person per hour to be paid to PSLC reception before a court can be taken.
(c) PSLC junior member only rate – €5 per person per hour to be paid to PSLC reception before a court can be taken.
(d) Non PSLC member rate – €15 per hour but only available Mon – Fri 9.00 – 17.00


5. Court Access for Junior Members
(a) Junior Members (up to 14 years of age) are entitled to use the courts up to 7.00 pm each day. If however, there are no Adult Members waiting to play, Junior Members may play on past 7.00 pm until such time as an Adult Member requires the court. At this point they should vacate the court immediately regardless of whether they are in the middle of a match or not.
(b) Junior Members playing league on behalf the club may play past 7.00 pm with an Adult Member or fellow league player.